All meets that coaches have elected to enter Team DCA will be posted here. Acceptance to meets will be subject to the conditions and criteria of the meet which will be published here, it is the responsibility of parents/ guardians and swimmers to ensure they qualify before entering the event. Accepted swimmers will be informed by email of their inclusion in the selected meet.

Slips will no longer be given out but coaches will let their groups know when new meet information is available.

It is the responsibility of the swimmers / parents to check whether their entries have been accepted or not.

In general, the acceptances should be available around two weeks before the event takes place.

Reserve - means that the swimmer may get to swim and must still turn up (unless previously withdrawn). There is no guarantee of getting that swim, it depends on what happens on the day of the meet. If a reserve turns up and does not get to swim, they will get a refund (unless withdrawn).

Where we have had the acceptances / rejections returned to us for the meets we are entering, they will be emailed to swimmers.

Note that all acceptances for meets will now have the cost for that meet detailed alongside the swimmers entries. This fee is now due for payment. Cheques should be made payable to 'Dundee City Aquatics'. 

Gala entry flowchart