“If you do not control your day, you are not in control at all”

Given the amount of time committed to sport, swimmers often feel that they do not have enough time in the day. Identifying “time wasters” and balancing activities will result in more effective time management.

The following items will be of assistance;

Annual planner
Use a wall planner or an annual planner at the front of your diary. Colour in days and note dates that you are competing, on holiday or have exams. Confirm with SQA website.

Weekly planner
This is your regular schedule. Colour the weekly planner to see if you can identify any white space that you could use more effectively. Cut out any unnecessary travel time as travelling is tiring e.g. going home after morning training especially if this reduces training time, increases travel & increases tiredness. Any travelling by bus/car/train that can be substituted by walking or cycling, increases land training.

Daily planner
Use a diary to help you remember variations to your weekly planner e.g. homework, dentist appointments. Note all the galas in this so you know when your time will be restricted for other activities.

Click on link below for further information about Preparing in Advance

Preparing in Advance

Click on the link below for a typical weekly planner and use it to help your time management